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Virtual Tour – Angels and Freemasonry in Batavia

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Freemasonry might be sound far away from the tropical Dutch East Indies (currently known as Indonesia). However, did you know that the secret organization has been in this predominant Moslem archipelago dated back since 17th century, particularly in Batavia (now : Jakarta) ? It was spread by some prominent members of the establishment during Dutch East India Company era, including the founder of the Batavian Society of Arts and Sciences which now become the National Museum of Indonesia. You will be brought virtually to visit some areas in modern Jakarta which still have the symbols or history of the Freemasonry. One of it will be the Museum Prasasti (formerly known as Kebon Jahe Kober cemetery) which was one of the oldest modern cemetery complex in the world. You will also be guided to explore the prominent figures who were buried there and the interesting facts of funeral ceremony during the colonial era.


Still, the main question is why Freemasonry was here? What actually did they do in the lodges where some local called those “the Ghost Building”. Come and join the tour to find more revelation about the “Angels & the Freemasonry” in Batavia.

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  • July 11, 2020
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